2016 Goals

With one month into the new year, I want to take some time to share my 2016 goals. Writing down my goals holds me accountable and allows me to focus on progress throughout the year. 2015 was an incredible year, it would take me more than one blog to explain all the accomplishments that surpassed my expectations. I choose to share my pictures rather than go into too much detail. That brings me to my first goal of 2016, share more pictures!

For mountaineering, my theme this year is "Climb High", advice given to me by Alex Honnold during his book signing for "Alone On The Wall".  As a Californian, I have enjoyed exploring the Eastern Sierras and there is still so much more to explore within the U.S. For 2016, I am packing my bags in April to climb Pico de Orizaba in Puebla, Mexico.  With an elevation of 18,490 ft/5,636 m, it will be my highest climb thus far. In preparation, I plan to climb other peaks in California and Oregon.  With El Niño season, tracking weather conditions will be crucial to ensure successful submits. Expect more details and updates on Pico de Orizaba.

For OCR, my theme this year is "Move up the Ranks". With the popularity of OCR increasing, new elite competitors coming in, and veteran racers gaining experience, the sport competition is strong! In 2015, I wanted to compete in every distance, collect trifectas, and prove that I can endure back-to-back racing. I ran multiple races in a day, while being sick, and sometimes without much recovery time. This year, I shift my focus to ensure I am racing 100% healthy and prepared. I am also taking a more strategic approach to focus on Spartan Race Ultra Beasts, in the World Championships in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii. As an OCR athlete, I want to compete against the best and at different race series.  In February, follow me on Instagram as I train to compete at Battle Frog in San Francisco!

This year I also want to help others. I receive messages through social media from many people preparing for OCR or wanting to attempt adventure climbing. I am always happy to help by sharing my experiences with others. My goal with this website is to share with you my journey. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about training, preparation, or want any tips.

I want to also take the opportunity to announce that I am participating in a Spartan team competition on NBC from the producers of American Ninja Warrior. Be on the lookout for Season premiere dates and showtime details as we get closer to Spring!