Ronald Quintero a native from Honduras, has made a name for himself in alpine mountaineering, exploring all the fourteneers peaks in the Eastern Sierras of California. His adventure for the outdoors started back in August 16th 2012 when he first climbed Mt. Whitney summit, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 States. Ever since then, he has bagged quite of few expeditions  

He grew up in a small rural town between the border of Intibucá, Honduras and El Salvador. Being on his feet was a way of life and from a very young age, he undertook on farming and agriculture chores. He attended primary school in the village and had to walk roughly 3 miles daily just to go to school. "I grew up in a very unprivileged environment but I never saw it as an obstacle, I never knew what is was like to have any modern toys so it only took for my imagination to go outside and play with the outdoors climbing trees and exploring river streams." His mother in pursuit of a better opportunity, moved to U.S at a very young age. Ronald was two years old when his mother left to the U.S and so he was left at the care of his grandmother and uncles. 

In 1998 he finally reconnected and met his mother when he moved to Berkeley, California.