Mount Shasta - Avalanche Gulch Route

Looking to climb  Mount Shasta?

With a summit sitting at 14,179 feet of altitude, mount Shasta makes for perfect entry-level of mountaineering. Climbing mount Shasta during regular climbing season requires a great deal of preparation both physically and gear oriented. its most popular route is know as Avalanche Gulch! This route should never be underestimated as it will present you with a real test of will and endurance. This route requires a class II & III of mountaineering and it starts at Bunny Flat trail head 6,950 feet of elevation with a vertical gain of almost 7,300 feet to the summit over a stretch of 7 to 8 miles, for a total of ~14 miles round trip. 

This route can be accomplished in one day but is commonly climbed with an overnight stay at Helen Lake at about 10,443 feet of elevation to better acclimatize to the high altitude. If you're looking to do the one-day-challenge, it is advisable to start by midnight to better capitalize on the well-compacted and frozen snow. Planning and preparing accordingly well in advance for this climb is important in order to have a higher summit success rate. If you're not used to doing long treks, it is highly recommended that you start doing cardio work and also hiking on steep terrains with a weighted backpack on your back to better simulate the weight that you will be carrying during climb day. 

Should you be interested in climbing Mount Shasta feel free to contact Ronald as he can be of help!  

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Ronald Quintero